- Buy-sell properties

- Flats, Lands, Building plots

- Managment of real estates

- Complex legal advice


- Buy-sell properties

- Flats, Lands, Building plots

- Flats for rent

- Monitoring of payments for renting a property

- Complex legal service and advice


- Support and advice in creating a business by being always present in each step that's needed

- Register a business in Albania by assisting in all research and documentation process

- Receiving licences and permissions

- Support in conducting existing business

We are agents for buying and renting real estate in Albania. There is also a possibility to combine these two options - if you decide to use your apartment only during holidays, will try to find tenants for your flat for the rest of the year. You can kill two birds with one stone – going on holiday, you can also be shown real estate for your own use or as an investment.


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